Reason 1 - 42

(1). You simply have no life.

(2). You are very pissed off.

(3). Your girl left you.

(4). You are too weak or too strong

(5). You got a silver or bronze medal.

(6). You can't pass Veteran Mode on Call of Duty

(7). You got shut down

(8). You can't get Grand Theft Auto V

(9). You lost nightmare mode on Injustice

(10). Someone else ate your lunch

(11). You got an F on the test

(12). You failed your class

(13). You are depressed

(14). You simply don't care

(15). Weegee gave you the stare

(16). You got killed by a pokeball

(17). You lose at Pokemon

(18). You have no logic

(19). You saw Squidward's Suicide Creepypasta

(20). You played the Scary Maze Game

(21). You ain't Sparta

(22). You can't use the force

(23). You think 2+2 is 22

(24). You lose too much on League of Legends

(25). You died in Minecraft while you had Diamonds

(26). Your show got cancelled

(27). You watched too much SpongeBob

(28). You see the red dot

(29). You died

(30). Super Mario bros

(31). Carjacked

(32). Arachnophobia

(33). Hydrophobic

(34). Chemistry

(35). Math

(36). Losing a bet

(37). You destroyed your car

(38). Dodgeball

(39). Handball

(40). Archery

(41). Assassins

(42). This page is over

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